Neal Loskovitz

Neal Loskovitz – CFO, Germantown Minor Medical

Neal Loskovitz

Neal Loskovitz is a renowned financial advisor having his expertise in project management, staff development, operations management, mentoring, recruitment, management, and other services. He has exceptional leadership and management skills through which he has achieved several milestones throughout his extensive career.

Neal Adam Loskovitz is a versatile professional with effective approaches and detail-oriented strategies to deal with staffing issues and its several developments related aspects. He is eminent for his management proficiency, budgeting skills, cost-effective and more productive recruitment processes and several operation handling strategies.

With great multi-tasking abilities and supreme inspiration, Neal Loskovitz offers coaching and mentoring to the people working with him or to other individuals as well. He has a sound understanding of team environment and staff development through which he manages a staff of 20 people.

Neal Adam Loskovitz has a vast experience related to client consultation. He is quite involved in customer participation, customer contentment and development and maintenance of strong links with clients. He has a wide-ranging professional experience and is very proactive and goal-oriented professional with right strategies.


Neal Loskovitz is available to offer consultation in the following areas:

  • Finance management
  • Operations management
  • Business development
  • Strategic planning
  • Performance management
  • Supervision strategies
  • Mentoring


Neal Loskovitz is available to talk over the finance-related aspects and shed light on the several dynamics of project and operations management. He is also available to talk about strategic planning and management potentials.

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