Essential Qualities of a Human Resource Manager

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A human resource manager helps the company to gain effective advantage through his long term strategic approach. He guides and designs paths for effective productivity of an employee. His basic objective is the management of people within an organization. A human resource manager is also responsible for monitoring system and focuses on policies for potential results. HR departments usually oversee employee-recruitment, employee benefits-design, training, and development. To bring necessary changes within an organization, HR manager balances organizational practices and initiate recruitment drives. He maintains a friendly aura of organization and helps different departments to communicate together. His long term strategic approach is used to manage human capital and making the best use of time to integrate human capabilities altogether. They are also specialized in training and recruiting process. HR specialist looks forward to top talents and hires people that resonate with the benefits of a company.

Neal Adam Loskovitz

Good communication skills:

HR specialist must have command on language and communication skills. It is necessary for an organization that it’s human resource manager process and delivers the information rightly. To ensure productivity effective communication is a necessary tool. He responds day to day employee problems and guides them without any linguistic resistance for the development of an organization. Negotiations, conflict management and performance evaluation of employees require strong communications tools to be employed.

Decision-making power:

HR specialists design strategies and guide people for maximum profitability. He recruits people on the basis of his analytical skills. During the interview process, the HR manager must have the strong decision-making power to pick the best person for the job. He is also responsible to answer queries of employees and guide them through his organizational and decision-making skills.

Time management:

Making use of limited resources to ensure a maximum profit on required time is an essential quality of HRM. He is a person upon which the whole organization relies. Directors and CEO are mostly handovers their company’s resources to HR managers to make the best use of them. Time management is also necessary to schedule their daily tasks that indirectly affect a company’s overall management.

Ensuring ethical standards:

For a healthy and competitive environment of organization ethical standards are set by HR managers. He makes sure that people are complying to the assigned tasks and rules. He maintains discipline and formulates the ethical standards of a company. These normative behaviors are the direct reflection of a company’s success and its image in the society.

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