Mastering the Art of Negotiation

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The art of negotiation comes daily in play while dealing with people, talking to colleagues, solving disputes or finalizing a deal. All that matters is communication tools and how you are establishing a trust bond or relationship with the other person. It is a strategy and tactics used to gain mutual advantage and develop the win-win situation. It also involves personal and behavioral characteristics while negotiating. Prior to entering any formal negotiation, it is necessary for a person to clear his objectives and to rethink about his goals. It doesn’t mean that an individual or group will always necessarily fulfill all his requirements. Something has to be left from both sides and on certain points, someone has to let go for a greater cause. It requires a person to understand the goals and objectives of the other side too.

Neal Adam Loskovitz

Making choose of right words and strong communication skills is the golden key to master negotiation. It is also pertinent to make other individuals satisfy and making him believe that his goals would be achieved.

Establish the relationship:

Prior to negotiation, it is important for a person to establish a strong relationship of trust and belief. In this way, the task becomes easier and the person on the other side willingly belief on what you negotiate.

Choose honey over vinegar:

In the entire arena of negotiation, you will definitely master if you choose honey over vinegar. In order to achieve anything, it is better if you take a pleasant path rather than opting for unpleasant. Things settle and reach to the end more smoothly when the person opposite to you is inspired by the way you talk. Therefore, it is preferable to choose nice methods over unkind and rude ways.

Emotional Stability:

While setting matters and reaching an end it is pertinent for a person to be emotionally stable first. Things turn out to be worst if decisions are made in a hurry or under emotional strain. Decisions are more likely to turn significant with mental and emotional equilibrium. An easy way to negotiate is to first get rid of emotional strain and override your mental capabilities over feelings.

The strategy of win-win:

Things are more likely to settle easily if the strategy of win-win is used. It is a matter of fact that thinking for a greater and good cause is more significant and results more fruitful than just thinking just about your own end. It is important that negotiation is a matter of win on both sides. It should be plural in nature and singularity should be shunned.

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